Salmos 119:59

59 Consideré mis caminos, Y torné mis pies á tus testimonios.

Salmos 119:59 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:59

I thought on my ways
What they were, whether right or wrong; whither they led, what would be the consequences of walking in them: the Septuagint and Arabic versions read, "thy ways"; no doubt the psalmist thought of both; of his own ways, in which he had walked; and of God's ways, which he directed him to walk in: and, considering the superior pleasure and profit of the latter, he preferred them to the former. The Targum is, "I thought to mend my ways", or "make [them] good". Hence he took the following step: and turned my feet unto thy testimonies;
betook himself to the word of God, which testifies of his will, and directs to those ways he would have his people to walk in; and he steered his course of life and actions thereby; he turned from his own ways into the ways of God; under the influence of divine grace, he turned, being turned.

Salmos 119:59 In-Context

57 JET. Mi porción, oh Jehová, Dije, será guardar tus palabras.
58 Tu presencia supliqué de todo corazón: Ten misericordia de mí según tu palabra.
59 Consideré mis caminos, Y torné mis pies á tus testimonios.
60 Apresuréme, y no me retardé En guardar tus mandamientos.
61 Compañía de impíos me han robado: Mas no me he olvidado de tu ley.