Salmos 119:63

63 Compañero soy yo de todos los que te temieren Y guardaren tus mandamientos.

Salmos 119:63 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:63

I [am] a companion of all [them] that fear thee
Not of the rich and mighty, much less of the wicked and ungodly; but of such who had the true fear of God upon their hearts, and before their eyes; who feared the Lord and his goodness, and truly served and worshipped him; even "all" of these, whether poor or rich, of whatsoever condition, or of whatsoever nation, being no respecter of persons. With these he was a partner in the blessings of the covenant, in the promises of it, in the graces of the Spirit, and in a right and meetness for the same eternal glory and happiness: he went in company with them to the house of God, and joined with them in all acts of religious worship; he conversed privately with them about what God had done for the souls of him and them; he delighted in their company; he sympathized with them in their troubles; and was a companion with them in their tribulation, sorrows, and sufferings, as well as in their joys and comforts;

and of them that keep thy precepts;
as all such do who truly fear the Lord; for by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil, and cannot do those things that others do; cannot allow themselves in a wilful transgression of the divine precepts; but, influenced by the fear of God, observe and keep them.

Salmos 119:63 In-Context

61 Compañía de impíos me han robado: Mas no me he olvidado de tu ley.
62 A media noche me levantaba á alabarte Sobre los juicios de tu justicia.
63 Compañero soy yo de todos los que te temieren Y guardaren tus mandamientos.
64 De tu misericordia, oh Jehová, está llena la tierra: Enséñame tus estatutos.
65 TETH. Bien has hecho con tu siervo, Oh Jehová, conforme á tu palabra.