Salmos 119:65

65 TETH. Bien has hecho con tu siervo, Oh Jehová, conforme á tu palabra.

Salmos 119:65 Meaning and Commentary

(j) , TETH.--The Ninth Part.

Psalms 119:65

TETH. Thou hast dealt well with thy servant
In a providential way, ever since he had a being; by the protection and preservation of him, by following and loading him with benefits, by raising him from a low estate to the throne of Israel, by delivering him from many dangers and enemies, and by giving him rest from them all; and in a way of special grace and mercy, by making an everlasting covenant with him, by blessing him with all spiritual blessings, by giving him an interest in salvation by Christ, and hope of eternal glory. And thus he deals with all his servants; he does all things well by them; he deals well with them even when he afflicts them; he treats them as his Davids, his beloved and chosen ones, and his children. The Syriac version renders it as a petition, "do good with thy servant"; bestow benefits on him, or deal bountifully with him, as in ( Psalms 119:17 ) ;

O Lord, according unto thy word;
thy word of promise: providential mercies are according to promise, for godliness or goodly persons have the promise of the things of this life; and so are spiritual blessings, they are laid up in exceeding great and precious promises, which are yea and amen in Christ; and so is eternal glory and happiness; it is a promise which God, that cannot lie, made before the world began; so that there is a solid foundation laid for faith and hope as to these things; and this confirms and commends the faithfulness of God to his people.

Salmos 119:65 In-Context

63 Compañero soy yo de todos los que te temieren Y guardaren tus mandamientos.
64 De tu misericordia, oh Jehová, está llena la tierra: Enséñame tus estatutos.
65 TETH. Bien has hecho con tu siervo, Oh Jehová, conforme á tu palabra.
66 Enséñame bondad de sentido y sabiduría; Porque tus mandamientos he creído.
67 Antes que fuera yo humillado, descarriado andaba; Mas ahora guardo tu palabra.