Salmos 119:70

70 Engrasóse el corazón de ellos como sebo; Mas yo en tu ley me he deleitado.

Salmos 119:70 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:70

Their heart is as fat as grease
Or tallow, a lump of it, fat or grease congealed. That is, the heart of the above proud persons, who abounded in riches, were glutted with the things of this world; had more than heart could wish, and so became proud and haughty: or their hearts were gross, sottish, senseless, and stupid, as persons fat at heart are; or as creatures over fat, which have little or no feeling: so these had no knowledge of the law of God, no sense of their duty, no remorse of conscience for sin; their hearts were hardened, and they past feeling, and given up to a reprobate mind; see ( Isaiah 6:9 Isaiah 6:10 ) ; The Targum is,

``the imagination of their heart is become gross as fat:''

the Septuagint is, "curdled like milk"; that is, hardened, as Suidas

F19 interprets it;

[but] I delight in thy law;
after the inward man; as the apostle did, ( Romans 7:22 ) ; as fulfilled in Christ; as in his hands, as King and Lawgiver; as written upon his own heart; and so yielding a ready and cheerful obedience to it; he delighted in reading the law, in meditating on it, and in observing it.

F19 In voce (eturwyh) .

Salmos 119:70 In-Context

68 Bueno eres tú, y bienhechor: Enséñame tus estatutos.
69 Contra mí forjaron mentira los soberbios: Mas yo guardaré de todo corazón tus mandamientos.
70 Engrasóse el corazón de ellos como sebo; Mas yo en tu ley me he deleitado.
71 Bueno me es haber sido humillado, Para que aprenda tus estatutos.
72 Mejor me es la ley de tu boca, Que millares de oro y plata.