Salmos 119:72

72 Mejor me es la ley de tu boca, Que millares de oro y plata.

Salmos 119:72 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:72

The law of thy mouth [is] better unto me than thousands of
gold and silver.
] The word of God, the doctrines contained in it; which, coming out of the mouth of God, and spoken by him, carries in it weight and authority, commands reverence and respect; and ought to be considered as indeed the word of God and not of man; and so of more value than thousands of pieces of gold and silver; or, as the Targum, than a thousand talents of gold and silver. The truths and doctrines of the word of God are not only comparable to gold and silver for their intrinsic worth and value; but are preferable to them, and to be received before them: David had his thousands of gold and silver, but he esteemed the word of God above them all; and willingly suffered afflictions, that he might understand it better; see ( Psalms 119:127 ) ( Psalms 19:10 ) ( Proverbs 8:10 Proverbs 8:11 ) .

Salmos 119:72 In-Context

70 Engrasóse el corazón de ellos como sebo; Mas yo en tu ley me he deleitado.
71 Bueno me es haber sido humillado, Para que aprenda tus estatutos.
72 Mejor me es la ley de tu boca, Que millares de oro y plata.
73 YOD. Tus manos me hicieron y me formaron: Hazme entender, y aprenderé tus mandamientos.
74 Los que te temen, me verán, y se alegrarán; Porque en tu palabra he esperado.