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  • Learn how to make the most of your time spent studying the Word of God.

  • Would you believe that millions of people in the United States try to live all week on nothing more than "Sunday dinner"?

  • How would your life change if you committed to meeting with God everyday?

  • To defend the faith we must be equipped to demonstrate that the Bible is divine rather than human in origin.

  • Why did God choose to communicate in words? Couldn?t He have just left some great shots? Awe-inspiring pictures would be a lot easier on us than a 2000-page book, right?

  • Here is a brief introduction to the research tools that I regularly use when studying the Bible and preparing to teach. These introductions describe what a particular reference tool has to offer, how it is arranged and how they might be used.

  • If there was one bit of wisdom that would serve you well the rest of your life, this is the single most important skill I've ever learned as a Christian...

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