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What does the Bible say about the topic of Psalms?

Bible Verses From Psalms

Most Popular Psalm Bible Verses - Top Scriptures from Book of Psalms

The Psalms is a wonderful book to turn to for encouragement and healing words. Whether you are in need of peace, protection, or comfort from worry or anxiety, or are looking to offer praise and thanksgiving, the book of Psalms is the perfect place to start. We have collected the most popular Bible verses in Psalms for you to read below!

The book of Psalms is widely viewed as the most popular book of the Bible. The main theme and focus of the Psalms are on God's power and goodness. The author uses poetry to convey thoughts of hope for the future, praise for God as sovereign Creator of all, dependence upon God, and God's faithfulness. As you read through this Scripture, spend time thanking God for His goodness and be inspired to walk in faith no matter what you're facing today.

Download this free PDF: Psalms Reading Plan for Healing and Protection to save or share as a guide for reading the Psalms!

Read through the top Psalm Bible verses in this collection of scripture quotes.

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