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  • 5 David and the whole house of Isra'el celebrated in the presence of ADONAI with all kinds of musical instruments made of cypress-wood, including lyres, lutes, tambourines, rattles and cymbals.

  • 8 David and all Isra'el celebrated in the presence of God with all their strength, with songs, lyres, lutes, tambourines, cymbals and trumpets.

  • 16 David spoke to the chief of the L'vi'im to appoint their kinsmen to be singers making use of musical instruments - lutes, lyres and cymbals - to play loudly and raise sounds of joy.

  • 19 The singers Heman, Asaf and Eitan were appointed to sound the bronze cymbals.

  • 28 So all Isra'el brought up the ark for the covenant of ADONAI with shouting; blowing on shofars and trumpets; and cymbals sounding with lutes and lyres.

  • 5 Asaf, the leader; assisting him, Z'kharyah; then Ye'i'el, Sh'miramot, Yechi'el, Mattityahu, Eli'av, B'nayahu, 'Oved-Edom and Ye'i'el playing lutes and lyres, while Asaf played cymbals.

  • 42 With them were Heman and Y'dutun to play trumpets and cymbals, also instruments for the songs about God; while the sons of Y'dutun were assigned to the gate.

  • 1 For the service, David and the army commanders selected some of the descendants of Asaf, of Heman and of Y'dutun to prophesy with lyres, lutes and cymbals. The list of those doing this work, according to the type of work performed was:

  • 6 They were all with their fathers Asaf, Y'dutun and Heman to sing with cymbals, lutes and lyres in the house of ADONAI, serving in the house of God under the direction of the king.

  • 12 also the L'vi'im who were the singers, all of them - Asaf, Heman, Y'dutun and their sons and relatives - dressed in fine linen, with cymbals, lutes and lyres, stood on the east side of the altar; and with them 120 cohanim sounding trumpets),

  • 13 then, when the trumpeters and singers were playing in concord, to be heard harmoniously praising and thanking ADONAI, and they lifted their voices together with the trumpets, cymbals and other musical instruments to praise ADONAI: "for he is good, for his grace continues forever"- then, the house, the house of ADONAI, was filled with a cloud;

  • 25 He stationed the L'vi'im in the house of ADONAI with cymbals, lyres and lutes, in keeping with the order of David, Gad the king's seer and Natan the prophet; for the mitzvah had come from ADONAI through his prophets.

  • 10 When the builders laid the foundation of the temple of ADONAI, the cohanim in their robes, with trumpets, and the L'vi'im the sons of Asaf, with cymbals, took their places to praise ADONAI, as David king of Isra'el had instructed.

  • 27 At the dedication of the wall of Yerushalayim, they sought out the L'vi'im from wherever they had settled to bring them to Yerushalayim and celebrate the dedication with hymns of thanksgiving and with songs accompanied by cymbals, lutes and lyres.

  • 5 Praise him with clanging cymbals! Praise him with loud crashing cymbals!

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