9 Let him that escapeth be consumed by the rage of the fire, and let them perish that oppress the people.
10 Smite asunder the heads of the rulers of the heathen, that say, "There is none other but we."
11 Gather all the tribes of Jacob together, and restore them their heritage, as from the beginning.
12 O Lord, have mercy upon the people that are called by Thy name, and upon Israel, whom Thou hast named Thy first-born.
13 O be merciful unto Jerusalem, Thy holy city, the place of Thy rest.
14 Fill Zion with Thine unspeakable oracles, and Thy people with Thy glory.
15 Give testimony unto those that Thou hast possessed from the beginning, and raise up prophets that have been in Thy name.
16 Reward them that wait for Thee, and let Thy prophets be found faithful.
17 O Lord, hear the prayer of Thy servants, according to the blessing of Aaron over Thy people, that all they who dwell upon the earth may know that Thou art the Lord, the eternal God.
18 The belly devoureth all meats, yet is one meat better than another.
19 As the palate tasteth divers kinds of venison, so doth a heart of understanding false speeches.