Fathers in the Bible

Fathers in the Bible - Patriarchal Meaning and Examples from Scripture

The Bible is full of individuals and events we can learn from greatly. When it comes to the vital role of patriarchs in the Bible, there are many examples of what makes a noble, impactful father.

Starting with the original creator, God the Father, fathers have played a vital role in the development and longevity of mankind. Traditionally, fathers have embodied and inspired the values of honesty, strength, responsibility and more in their children and community, while protecting the vulnerable from evil and harm. We can look to some of the fathers in the Bible for examples of these values and the importance of fatherhood in family and society. The following Bible Verses relate to what makes a worthy father and examples of noble patriarchs in scripture.

List of Important Fathers in the Bible

  1. God the Father
  2. Adam - The First Man
  3. Noah - A Noble Man 
  4. Abraham - Father of the Jewish People
  5. Jacob - Father of the Tribes of Israel
  6. King David - Favored by God
  7. Joseph - Human Father of Jesus