1 Corinthians 15:34-44

34 Awake truely out of slepe and synne not. For some have not the knowlege of God. I speake this vnto youre rebuke.
35 But some ma will saye: how aryse ye deed? with what bodyes come they in?
36 Thou fole that which thou sowest is not quickened except it dye.
37 And what sowest thow? Thow sowest not that body that shalbe: but bare corne (I meane ether of wheet or of some other)
38 and God geveth it a body at his pleasure to every seed a severall body.
39 All flesshe is not one manner of flesshe: but ther is one maner flesshe of men another maner flesshe of beastes another maner flesshe of fysshes and another of byrdes.
40 Ther are celestiall bodyes and ther are bodyes terrestriall. But ye glory of ye celestiall is one and ye glory of the terrestriall is another.
41 Ther is one maner glory of the sonne and another glory of the mone and another glory of the starres. For one starre differth fro another in glory.
42 So is the resurreccio of ye deed. It is sowe in corrupcio and ryseth in incorrupcion.
43 It is sowen in dishonoure and ryseth in honoure. It is sowe in weaknes and ryseth in power. It is sowne a naturall body and ryseth a spretuall body.
44 Ther is a naturall bodye and ther is a spretuall body:
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