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Hebrews 10:32-39

32 Call to remebraunce the dayes that are passed in the which after ye had receaved light ye endured a greate fyght in adversities
33 partly whill all men wondred and gased at you for the shame and trioulacion that was done vnto you and partly whill ye became companyons of the which so passed their tyme.
34 For ye suffered also with my bondes and toke a worth the spoylynge of youre goodes and that with gladnes knowynge in youre selves how that ye had in heven a better and an endurynge substaunce
35 Cast not awaye therfore youre confidence which hath great rewarde to recopence.
36 For ye have nede of paciece that after ye have done ye will of god ye myght receave the promes.
37 For yet a very lytell whyle and he that shall come will come and will not tary.
38 But the iust shall live by faith. And yf he withdrawe him silfe my soule shall have no pleasure in him.
39 We are not whiche withdrawe oure selves vnto dampnacio but partayne to fayth to the wynnynge of the soule.
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