12 On the morowe moche people that were come to the feast when they hearde yt Iesus shuld come to Ierusalem
13 toke braunches of palme trees and went and met him and cryed: Hosanna blessed is he that in the name of the Lorde commeth kynge of Israel.
14 And Iesus got a yonge asse and sate thero accordinge to that which was writte:
15 feare not doughter of Sio beholde thy kynge cometh sittinge on an asses coolte.
16 These thinges vnderstode not his disciples at ye fyrst: but when Iesus was gloryfied then remembryd they that soche thinges were written of him and that soche thinges they had done vnto him.
17 The people that was with him when he called Lazarus out of his grave and raysed him from deeth bare recorde.
18 Therfore met him the people be cause they hearde yt he had done soche a myracle.
19 The Pharises therfore sayde amonge them selves: perceave ye how we prevayle no thinge? beholde the worlde goth awaye after him.