6 I have declared thy name vnto ye men which thou gavest me out of the worlde. Thyne they were and thou gavest them me and they have kept thy sayinges.
7 Now they knowe that all thinges whatsoever thou hast geven me are of the.
8 For I have geven vnto them the wordes which thou gavest me and they have receaved them and knowe surely that I came out from the: and doo beleve that thou dyddest send me.
9 I praye for them and praye not for the worlde: but for the which thou hast geve me for they are thyne.
10 And all myne are thyne and thyne are myne and I am glorified in the.
11 And now am I no moare in the worlde but they are in the worlde and I come to ye. Wholy father kepe in thyne awne name the which thou hast geven me that they maye be one as we are.
12 Whyll I was with the in ye worlde I kepte the in thy name. Those yt thou gavest me have I kepte and none of the is lost but that lost chylde that the scripture myght be fulfilled.
13 Now come I to the and these wordes speake I in the worlde that they myght have my ioye full in the.
14 I have geven them thy wordes and the worlde hath hated them because they are not of the worlde even as I am not of the worlde.
15 I desyre not that thou shuldest take the out of the worlde: but that thou kepe them from evyll.
16 They are not of the worlde as I am not of the worlde.
17 Sanctify the wt thy truth. Thy sayinge is truth.
18 As thou dyddest send me into the worlde even so have I sent them into the worlde
19 and for their sakes sanctify I my selfe that they also myght be sanctified thorowe the trueth.