Leviticus 17

1 And the Lorde talked with Moses saynge:
2 speake vnto Aaro and vnto his sonnes and vnto all the childern of Israel ad saye vnto them, this is the thynge which the Lorde charged saynge:
3 whatsoeuer he be of the housse of Israel that kylleth an oxe, lambe or goote in the hoste or out of the hoste
4 and bryngeth the not vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, to offer an offerynge vnto the Lorde before the dwellynge place of the Lorde, bloude shalbe imputed vnto that man as though he had shed bloude and that man shall perysh from amonge his people.
5 Wherfore let the childern of Israel brynge their offerynges they offer in the wyde felde vnto the Lorde: euen vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse and vnto the preast and offer the for peaseofferynges vnto the Lorde.
6 And the preast shall sprinkle the bloude apon the alter of the Lorde in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse and burne the fatt to be a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde.
7 And let them nomoare offer their offerynges vnto deuyls after whom thy goo an whoorynge. And this shalbe an ordynauce for euer vnto you thorow out youre generacyons.
8 And thou shalt saye vnto them: what soeuer man it be of the housse of Israel or of the straungers that sogeorne amonge you that offereth a burntofferynge or any other offerynge
9 and bryngeth it not vnto the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse to offer vnto the Lorde, that felow shall perysh from amonge his people.
10 And what soeuer man it be of the housse of Israel or of the straungers that soiourne amonge you that eateth any maner of bloude I will set my face agaynst that soule that eateth bloude, and will destroy him from amonge his people.
11 for the life of the flesh is in the bloude, and I haue geuen it vnto you apon the alter, to make an attonement for youre soules,
12 for bloude shall make an attonemet for the soule. And therfore I sayde vnto the childern of Israel: se that no soule of you eate bloude nor yet any straunger that soiourneth amonge you.
13 What soeuer man it be of the childern of Israel or of the straungers that soiurne amonge you that honteth and catcheth any beest or foule that maye be eate, he shall poure out the bloude ad couer it with erthe.
14 for the life of all flesh is in the bloude, therfore I sayde vnto the childern of Israel, ye shall eate the bloude of no maner of flesh. for the life of all flesh is in his bloude, and whosoeuer therfore eateth it shall perysh.
15 And what soeuer soule it be that eateth that which dyed alone or that which was torne with wylde beestes: whether it be one of youre selues or a straunger, he shall wasshe his clothes ad bathe him selfe in water, ad shalbe vncleane vnto the eue, ad tha is he cleane.
16 But ad yf he wasshe them not nor wasshe his flesh he shall beare his synne.

Leviticus 17 Commentary

Chapter 17

All sacrifices to be offered at the tabernacle. (1-9) Eating of blood, or of animals which died a natural death, forbidden. (10-16)

Verses 1-9 All the cattle killed by the Israelites, while in the wilderness, were to be presented before the door of the tabernacle, and the flesh to be returned to the offerer, to be eaten as a peace-offering, according to the law. When they entered Canaan, this only continued in respect of sacrifices. The spiritual sacrifices we are now to offer, are not confined to any one place. We have now no temple or altar that sanctifies the gift; nor does the gospel unity rest only in one place, but in one heart, and the unity of the Spirit. Christ is our Altar, and the true Tabernacle; in him God dwells among men. It is in him that our sacrifices are acceptable to God, and in him only. To set up other mediators, or other altars, or other expiatory sacrifices, is, in effect, to set up other gods. And though God will graciously accept our family offerings, we must not therefore neglect attending at the tabernacle.

Verses 10-16 Here is a confirmation of the law against eating blood. They must eat no blood. But this law was ceremonial, and is now no longer in force; the coming of the substance does away the shadow. The blood of beasts is no longer the ransom, but Christ's blood only; therefore there is not now the reason for abstaining there then was. The blood is now allowed for the nourishment of our bodies; it is no longer appointed to make an atonement for the soul. Now the blood of Christ makes atonement really and effectually; to that, therefore, we must have regard, and not consider it as a common thing, or treat it with indifference.

Chapter Summary


In this chapter a law is given, ordering all sorts of persons, Israelites and sojourners, to bring their sacrifices to the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, on pain of being cut off, Le 17:1-9; and a special and particular prohibition of sacrificing to devils is delivered out, Le 17:7; and the eating of blood, and of everything that dies of itself, or is torn with beasts, is forbidden under the above penalty, Le 17:10-16.

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