Revelation 7

1 And after that I sawe .iiii. angels stonde on the iiii. corners of ye erth holdynge ye iiii. wyndes of the erth that ye wyndes shulde not blowe on the erthe nether on the see nether on eny tree.
2 And I sawe another angell ascende from the rysynge of the sunne: which had the seale of the lyvynge god and he cryed with a loude voyce to the iiii angelles (to whom power was geven to hurt the erth and the see)
3 saying: Hurt not the erth nether the see nether the trees tyll we have sealed ye servauntes of oure god in their forheddes.
4 And I herde the nombre of them which were sealed and there were sealed an C. and xliiii. M. of all the trybes of the chyldren of Israhell.
5 Of the trybe of Iuda were sealed xii.M Of the trybe of Ruben were sealed xii.M. of the trybe of Gad were sealed xii.M.
6 Of the trybe of Asser were sealed xii.M. Of the trybe of Neptalym were sealed xii.M. Of the trybe of Manasses were sealed xii.M.
7 Of ye trybe of Symeo were sealed xii.M. Of ye tribe of Leuy were sealed xii.M. Of ye trybe of Isacar were sealed xii.M.
8 Of the trybe of zabulon weee sealed xii.M. Of the tribe of Ioseph were sealed xii.M. Of the trybe of Beniamin were sealed xii. thowsande.
9 After this I behelde and lo a gret multitude (which noma coulde nombre) of all nacios and people and tonges stode before the seate and before the lambe clothed with longe whyte garmentes and palmes in there hondes
10 and cryed with a lowde voyce sayinge: salvacion be asscribed to him that syttith apon the seate of oure god and vnto the lambe.
11 And all the angelles stode in the compase of the seate and of the elders and of the iiii. bestes and fel before the seat on their faces and worshipped god
12 sayinge amen: Blessynge and glory wisdome and thankes and honour and power and myght be vnto oure god for evermore Amen.
13 And one of the elders answered sayinge vnto me: what are these which are arayed in longe whyte garmentes and whence cam they?
14 And I sayde vnto him: lorde thou wottest. And he sayde vnto me: these are they which cam oute of gret tribulacion and made their garmetes large and made them whyte in the bloud of the lambe:
15 therfore are they in the presence of the seate of God and serve him daye and nyght in hys temple and he that sytteth in the seate wyll dwell amonge them.
16 They shalt honger no more nether thyrst nether shall the sunne lyght on them nether eny heate:
17 For the lambe which ys in the myddes of the seate shall fede them and shall ledde them vnto fountaynes of lyuynge water and god shall wype awaye all teares from their eyes.
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