1 A faithful word [I shall say]. If any man desireth a bishopric [If any man desire a bishopric], he desireth a good work.
2 Therefore it behooveth a bishop to be without reproof [Therefore it behooveth a bishop to be irreprehensible, or without reproof], the husband of one wife, sober, prudent, chaste, virtuous, holding hospitality, a teacher;
3 not given much to wine, not a smiter, but temperate, not full of chiding, not covetous, [not given much to wine, not smiter, but temperate, or patient, not litigious, or full of strife, or chiding, not covetous,]
4 well-ruling his house, and have sons subject with all chastity [having sons subject with all chastity];
5 for if any man know not how to govern his house, how shall he have diligence of the church of God [how shall he have diligence, or keeping, of the church of God]?
6 not new converted to the faith, lest he be borne up into pride, and fall into [the] doom of the devil.
7 For it behooveth him to have also good witnessing of them that be withoutforth, that he fall not into reproof, and into the snare of the devil.
8 Also it behooveth deacons to be chaste, not double-tongued, not given much to wine [not given to much wine], not following foul winning;
9 that have the mystery of faith in clean conscience. [having the mystery of faith in clean conscience.]
10 But be they proved first, and minister they so, having no crime. [And forsooth be they proved first, that they minister so, having no crime, or great sin.]
11 Also it behooveth women to be chaste, not backbiting, sober, faithful in all things.
12 Deacons be [they] husbands of one wife; which govern well their sons and their houses.
13 For they that [shall] minister well, shall get a good degree to themselves, and much trust in the faith, that is in Christ Jesus.
14 Son Timothy, I write to thee these things, hoping that I shall come soon to thee [hoping me to come soon to thee];
15 but if I tarry, that thou knowest, how it behooveth thee to live in the house of God, that is the church of living God, a pillar and firmness of truth.
16 And openly it is a great sacrament of piety, that thing that was showed in flesh, it is justified in Spirit [And openly it is a great sacrament of piety, that that is showed in flesh, is justified in Spirit], it appeared to angels, it is preached to heathen men, it is believed in the world, it is taken up into glory.