2 Kings 15:1-7

1 In the seven and twentieth year of Jeroboam (II), king of Israel, Azariah , the son of Amaziah, king of Judah, reigned; (In the twenty-seventh year of Jeroboam II, the king of Israel, Azariah, also known as Uzziah, the son of Amaziah, the king of Judah, began to reign;)
2 he was of sixteen years, when he began to reign, and he reigned two and fifty years in Jerusalem; the name of his mother was Jecholiah of Jerusalem.
3 And he did that, that was pleasant before the Lord (And he did what was pleasing before the Lord), by all things that Amaziah, his father, had done;
4 nevertheless he destroyed not [the] high things; (for) yet the people made sacrifice, and burnt incense in (the) high things. (but he did not destroy the hill shrines; for yet the people made sacrifice, and burned incense at the hill shrines.)
5 Forsooth the Lord smote the king, and he was leprous till into the day of his death; and he dwelled in an house freely by himself (and he lived alone in a house, free of all duties). Soothly Jotham, [the] son of the king, governed the palace, and deemed the people of the land.
6 Forsooth the residue of the words of Azariah, and all things that he did, whether these be not written in the book of [the] words of [the] days of the kings of Judah?
7 And Azariah slept with his fathers; and they buried him with his elder men in the city of David; and Jotham, his son, reigned for him.
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