2 Kings 23:31-35

31 Jehoahaz was of three and twenty years, when he began to reign, and he reigned three months in Jerusalem; the name of his mother was Hamutal, the daughter of Jeremy of Libnah.
32 And he did evil before the Lord, by all things which his fathers had done.
33 And Pharaoh Necho bound him in prison in Riblah, that is in the land of Hamath, that he should not reign in Jerusalem; and Pharaoh set a pain, either a fine, to the land of Judah, in an hundred talents of silver, and in one talent of gold (and Pharaoh put a fine on the land of Judah, of a hundred talents of silver, and a talent of gold).
34 And Pharaoh Necho made king Eliakim, the son of Josiah, for Josiah, his father; and he turned the name of him to Jehoiakim; forsooth Pharaoh took Jehoahaz, and led him into Egypt, (and he died there). (And Pharaoh Necho made Eliakim, Josiah's son, to be king in place of his father; and he changed his name to Jehoiakim; but Pharaoh took away Jehoahaz, and led him into Egypt, and he died there.)
35 Soothly Jehoiakim gave silver and gold to Pharaoh, when he had commanded to the land by all years, that it should be brought, by the commandment of Pharaoh; and Jehoiakim raised of each man by his mights, or after his power, both silver and gold, of the people of the land, that he should give to Pharaoh Necho. (And Jehoiakim paid the silver and gold to Pharaoh, in all the years that he commanded over the land, that it should be brought in, by Pharaoh's commandment; and Jehoiakim raised both the silver, and the gold, from the people of the land, yea, out of each man's own wealth, so that he could pay it to Pharaoh Necho.)
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