Genesis 38:1-7

1 In the same time, Judah went down from his brethren, and turned to a man of Adullam, Hirah by name; (At that time, Judah went forth from his brothers, and came to a man of Adullam, named Hirah;)
2 and he saw there a daughter of a man of Canaan, Shuah by name. And when he had taken her to wife, he entered [in] to her (her slept with her),
3 and she conceived, and childed a son, and (he) called his name Er.
4 And again when another child was conceived, she named the child (that was) born, Onan.
5 And she childed the third son, whom she called Shelah, and when he was born, she ceased to bear child more (she ceased to bear any more children). (And she bare her third son, whom she called Shelah, when she was at Chezib.)
6 Soothly Judah gave a wife, that was called Tamar, to his first begotten son Er.
7 And Er, the first begotten son of Judah, was wayward in the sight of the Lord, and therefore he was slain of the Lord (and so the Lord killed him).
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