1 For the law having a shadow of good things to come, not that image of things, may never make men approaching perfect by those same sacrifices, which they offer without ceasing by all years; [Forsooth the law having shadow of goods to come, not that image of things, by all years by those same hosts, which they offer without ceasing, never may make men coming nigh perfect;]
2 else they should have ceased to be offered, for as much as the worshippers cleansed once, had not furthermore conscience of sin [had no conscience of sin furthermore].
3 But in them [by oft offering] mind of sins is made by all years.
4 For it is impossible that sins be done away by blood of bulls, and of bucks of goats.
5 Therefore he entering into the world, saith, Thou wouldest not sacrifice and offering; but thou hast shaped a body to me;
6 [and] burnt sacrifices also for sin pleased not to thee.
7 Then I said, Lo! I come; in the beginning of the book it is written of me, that I do thy will, [thou] God.
8 He saying before, That thou wouldest not sacrifices, and offerings, and burnt sacrifices for sin [He above saying, or before, For thou wouldest not hosts, and offerings, and burnt sacrifices, for sin], nor those things be pleasant to thee, which be offered by the law,
9 then I said, Lo! I come, that I do thy will, God. He doeth away the first, that he make steadfast the second.
10 In which will we be hallowed by the offering of the body of Christ Jesus once.