19 And I shall set a sign in them, and I shall send of them that be saved to heathen men, into the sea, into Africa, and into Lydia, and to them that hold [an] arrow, into Italy, and (into) Greek land, to isles far (off), (and) to them that heard not of me, and saw not my glory. And they shall tell (of) my glory to heathen men, (And I shall give them a sign, and I shall spare some of them, and send them to the heathen, yea, to Tarshish, and to Africa, and to Lydia, and to them who hold an arrow/to Meshek, and to Rosh, and to Italy, and to Greece, and to the islands afar off, and to those who have not heard of me, and have not seen my glory. And they shall tell of my glory to the heathen,)