Proverbs 27:1-11

1 Have thou not glory of the morrow, that knowest not what thing the day coming shall bring forth. (Do not thou have glory over, or boast about, tomorrow, for thou knowest not what the coming day shall bring.)
2 Another man (Let another person), and not thy (own) mouth praise thee; a stranger, and not thy lips.
3 A stone is heavy, and gravel is chargeous (and gravel is burdensome); but the ire of a fool is heavier than ever either.
4 Ire hath no mercy, and strong vengeance breaking out hath no mercy; and who may suffer the fierceness of a spirit stirred? (and who can survive the fierceness of a stirred up, or a jealous, spirit?)
5 Better is open reproving, than a love hid. [Better is open amending, than hid love.] (Better be open rebukes, than hidden love.)
6 Better be the wounds of him that loveth, than the guileful kisses of him that hateth. (Better be the wounds of him who loveth, than the deceitful kisses of him who hateth.)
7 A man filled shall despise an honeycomb (A full person shall despise an honeycomb); but an hungry man shall take, yea, bitter thing for sweet.
8 As a bird passing over from his nest, so is a man that forsaketh his place. (Like a bird passing over its own nest, is a man who is far from his own home.)
9 The heart delighteth in ointment, and diverse odours; and a soul is made sweet by the good counsels of a friend.
10 Forsake thou not thy friend, and the friend of thy father; and enter thou not into the house of thy brother, in the day of thy torment. Better is a neighbour nigh, than a brother afar. (Desert thou not thy friend, or thy father's friend; and enter thou not into the house of thy brother, on the day of thy torment. For a friend close-by is better, than thy own brother far away.)
11 My son, study thou about wisdom, and make thou glad mine heart; that thou mayest answer a word to a despiser (so that I can have an answer for any despiser, or for any mocker).