Psalm 105:33-43

33 And he smote the vines of them, and the fig trees of them; and all-brake the trees of the coasts of them.
34 He said, and the locust(s) came; and a bruchus of which (there) was no number (and innumerable bruchi).
35 And it ate all the hay in the land of them; and it ate all the fruit of the land of them. (And they ate all the plants in their land; and they ate all the fruit of their land.)
36 And he killed each the first engendered thing in the land of them (And he killed all their first-born in their land); the first fruits of all the travail of them.
37 And he led out them with silver and gold; and none was sick in the lineages of them. (And he led them out with silver and gold; and no one was weak, or feeble, in all their tribes.)
38 Egypt was glad in the going out of them; for the dread of them lay on Egyptians. (The Egyptians were glad that they left; for the Egyptians feared them.)
39 He spreaded abroad a cloud, into the covering of them (for their covering); and (a) fire, that it shined to them by night.
40 They asked, and a curlew came; and he [ful]filled them with the bread of heaven. (They asked for food, and the curlews came; and then he fulfilled them with bread, or manna, from heaven.)
41 He brake the stone, and waters flowed; floods went forth in the dry place. (He broke open a rock, and waters flowed out; yea, a river went forth there in the desert, or in the wilderness.)
42 For he was mindful of his holy word; which he had (said) to Abraham, his servant. (For he remembered his solemn promise; which he had made to his servant Abraham.)
43 And he led out his people in full out joying; and his chosen men in gladness. (And so he led out his people rejoicing; and his chosen in gladness.)