Israel’s Sons

1 These were the sons of Israel: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun,
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      2 Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, Naphtali, Gad and Asher.


      To Hezron’s Sons

      3 The sons of Judah: Er, Onan and Shelah. These three were born to him by a Canaanite woman, the daughter of Shua. Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the LORD’s sight; so the LORD put him to death.
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      4 Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar bore Perez and Zerah to Judah. He had five sons in all.
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      5 The sons of Perez: Hezron and Hamul.
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      6 The sons of Zerah: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Kalkol and Dardaa —five in all.
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        • r 2:6 - Many Hebrew manuscripts, some Septuagint manuscripts and Syriac (see also 1 Kings 4:31); most Hebrew manuscripts "Dara"
          7 The son of Karmi: Achar,b who brought trouble on Israel by violating the ban on taking devoted things.c
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            • s 2:7 - "Achar" means "trouble" ; "Achar" is called "Achan" in Joshua.
            • t 2:7 - The Hebrew term refers to the irrevocable giving over of things or persons to the Lord, often by totally destroying them.
              8 The son of Ethan: Azariah.