1 Chronicles 2:31-37 NIV

31 The son of Appaim: Ishi, who was the father of Sheshan. Sheshan was the father of Ahlai.
32 The sons of Jada, Shammai's brother: Jether and Jonathan. Jether died without children.
33 The sons of Jonathan: Peleth and Zaza. These were the descendants of Jerahmeel.
34 Sheshan had no sons--only daughters. He had an Egyptian servant named Jarha.
35 Sheshan gave his daughter in marriage to his servant Jarha, and she bore him Attai.
36 Attai was the father of Nathan, Nathan the father of Zabad,1

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37 Zabad the father of Ephlal, Ephlal the father of Obed,