1 Kings 2:17-25 NIV

17 So he continued, "Please ask King Solomon--he will not refuse you--to give me Abishag1 the Shunammite as my wife."

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18 "Very well," Bathsheba replied, "I will speak to the king for you."
19 When Bathsheba went to King Solomon to speak to him for Adonijah, the king stood up to meet her, bowed down to her and sat down on his throne. He had a throne brought for the king's mother,2 and she sat down at his right hand.3

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20 "I have one small request to make of you," she said. "Do not refuse me." The king replied, "Make it, my mother; I will not refuse you."
21 So she said, "Let Abishag4 the Shunammite be given in marriage to your brother Adonijah."

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22 King Solomon answered his mother, "Why do you request Abishag5 the Shunammite for Adonijah? You might as well request the kingdom for him--after all, he is my older brother6--yes, for him and for Abiathar7 the priest and Joab son of Zeruiah!"

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23 Then King Solomon swore by the LORD: "May God deal with me, be it ever so severely,8 if Adonijah does not pay with his life for this request!

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24 And now, as surely as the LORD lives--he who has established me securely on the throne of my father David and has founded a dynasty for me as he promised9--Adonijah shall be put to death today!"

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25 So King Solomon gave orders to Benaiah10 son of Jehoiada, and he struck down Adonijah and he died.11

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