1 Samuel 10:5-15 NIV

5 "After that you will go to Gibeah1 of God, where there is a Philistine outpost.2 As you approach the town, you will meet a procession of prophets3 coming down from the high place4 with lyres, tambourines,5 flutes6 and harps7 being played before them, and they will be prophesying.8

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6 The Spirit9 of the LORD will come upon you in power, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed10 into a different person.

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      7 Once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever11 your hand12 finds to do, for God is with13 you.

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      8 "Go down ahead of me to Gilgal.14 I will surely come down to you to sacrifice burnt offerings and fellowship offerings,a but you must wait seven15 days until I come to you and tell you what you are to do."

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        • b 10:8 - Traditionally "peace offerings"

          Saul Made King

          9 As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God changed16 Saul's heart, and all these signs17 were fulfilled18 that day.

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              10 When they arrived at Gibeah, a procession of prophets met him; the Spirit19 of God came upon him in power, and he joined in their prophesying.20

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              11 When all those who had formerly known him saw him prophesying with the prophets, they asked each other, "What is this21 that has happened to the son of Kish? Is Saul also among the prophets?"22

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              12 A man who lived there answered, "And who is their father?" So it became a saying: "Is Saul also among the prophets?"23

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                  13 After Saul stopped prophesying,24 he went to the high place.

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                  14 Now Saul's uncle25 asked him and his servant, "Where have you been?" "Looking for the donkeys,26" he said. "But when we saw they were not to be found, we went to Samuel."

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                  15 Saul's uncle said, "Tell me what Samuel said to you."