1 Corinthians 7:1-7 BBE

1 Now, as to the things in your letter to me: It is good for a man to have nothing to do with a woman.
2 But because of the desires of the flesh, let every man have his wife, and every woman her husband.
3 Let the husband give to the wife what is right; and let the wife do the same to the husband.
4 The wife has not power over her body, but the husband; and in the same way the husband has not power over his body, but the wife.
5 Do not keep back from one another what is right, but only for a short time, and by agreement, so that you may give yourselves to prayer, and come together again; so that Satan may not get the better of you through your loss of self-control.
6 But this I say as my opinion, and not as an order of the Lord.
7 It is my desire that all men might be even as I am. But every man has the power of his special way of life given him by God, one in this way and one in that.