Luke 22:58-68 BBE

58 And after a little time, another saw him and said, You are one of them; and he said, Man, I am not.
59 And after about an hour, another man said, with decision, Certainly this man was with him, for he is a Galilaean.
60 And Peter said, Man, I have no knowledge of these things of which you are talking. And straight away, while he was saying these words, there came the cry of a cock.
61 And the Lord, turning, gave Peter a look. And the words of the Lord came to Peter's mind, how he had said, This night, before the hour of the cock's cry, you will be false to me three times.
62 And he went out, weeping bitterly.
63 And the men in whose hands Jesus was, made sport of him and gave him blows.
64 And, covering his eyes, they said to him, Are you prophet enough to say who gave you that blow?
65 And they said a number of other evil things against him.
66 And when it was day, the rulers of the people came together, with the chief priests and the scribes, and they took him before their Sanhedrin, saying,
67 If you are the Christ, say so. But he said, If I say so you will not have belief;
68 And if I put a question to you, you will not give an answer.