1 Samuel 19:15-24 CEB

15 Saul sent the messengers back to check on David for themselves. "Bring him to me on his bed," he ordered, "so he can be executed."
16 When the messengers arrived, they found the idol in the bed with the goat's hair on its head.
17 Saul said to Michal, "Why could you betray me like this, letting my enemy go so that now he has escaped?" Michal said to Saul, "David told me, ‘Help me get away or I'll kill you!'"
18 So David fled and escaped. When he reached Samuel at Ramah, he reported to him everything Saul had done to him. Then he and Samuel went to stay in the camps.a

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    • Þ 19:18 - Or <i>Naioth</i>, also in 19:19, 22-23
      19 When Saul was told that David was in the camps at Ramah,
      20 he sent messengers to arrest David. They saw a group of prophets in a prophetic frenzy, with Samuel standing there as their leader. God's spirit came over Saul's messengers, and they also fell into a prophetic frenzy.
      21 This was reported to Saul, and he sent different messengers, but they also fell into a prophetic frenzy. So Saul sent a third group of messengers, and they did the very same thing.
      22 At that point, Saul went to Ramah himself. He came to the well at the threshing floor that was on the bare hill thereb and asked, "Where are Samuel and David?" "In the camps at Ramah," he was told.

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        • ß 19:22 - LXX; MT <i>the large well at Secu</i>
          23 So Saul went to the camps at Ramah, and God's spirit came over him too. So as he traveled, he was in a prophetic frenzy until he reached the camps at Ramah.
          24 He even took off all his clothes and fell into a prophetic frenzy in front of Samuel. He lay naked that whole day and night. That's why people say, "Is Saul also one of the prophets?"