This chapter relates the dangers David was exposed unto through Saul's
enmity at him, and his deliverance from them, as by the notice Jonathan
gave him of his father's designs against him, and by his kind
interposition on his behalf, \\#1Sa 19:1-7\\; by David's slipping out of
Saul's presence, when he was about to cast a javelin at him,
\\#1Sa 19:8-10\\; by Michal's letting him down through a window, when Saul
sent messengers to kill him, and by deceiving them with an image laid
in his bed in the room of him, \\#1Sa 19:11-17\\, and again by Samuel's
protection of him at Naioth, whither David fled, and where Saul sent
messengers after him, and at length came himself; and instead of laying
hands on David, both he and the messengers were set a prophesying,
\\#1Sa 19:18-24\\.

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