2 Kings 6:1-7 CEB

An ax head floats

1 The members of the group of prophets said to Elisha, "Look, the place where we now live under your authority is too small for us.

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      2 Let's go to the Jordan River and each get a log from there. Then we can make a place to live there." Elisha said, "Do it!"
      3 One of them said, "Please come with us, your servants." Elisha said, "Okay, I'll go."
      4 So he went with them. They came to the Jordan River and began cutting down trees.
      5 One of them was cutting down a tree when his ax head fell into the water. He cried out, "Oh, no! Master, it was a borrowed ax!"
      6 The man of God said, "Where did it fall?" He showed Elisha the place. Elisha then cut a piece of wood, threw it into the river there, and the ax head floated up.
      7 "Lift it out," Elisha said. So the man then reached out and grabbed it.