Ezekiel 23:44-49 CEB

44 They come as if coming to a prostitute, first to Oholah, and then to Oholibah, those traitorous women.
45 But men who do the right thing will judge them, and they will be punished as adulterers and murderers, because they are in fact adulterers, and blood is on their hands.
46 The LORD God proclaims: Bring up an assembly against them, and decree terror and plunder for them.
47 Let the assembly stone them! Let them carve them up with their swords, slay their sons and daughters, and burn their houses with fire!
48 So I will put an end to betrayal in the land. Taking warning, no woman will betray as you have done.
49 You will be held accountable for your betrayals, and you will bear the sins of your idols. Then you will know that I am the LORD God.