Ezekiel 43:1-6 CEB

Return of the divine glory

1 Then he led me to the east gate,

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      2 where the glory of Israel's God was coming in from the east. Its sound was like the sound of a mighty flood, and the earth was lit up with his glory.
      3 What appeared when I looked was like what I had seen when hea came to destroy the city, and also like what I saw at the Chebar River, and I fell on my face.

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        • º 43:3 - Vulg; MT <i>I</i>
          4 Then the LORD's glory came into the temple by way of the east gate.
          5 A wind picked me up and brought me to the inner courtyard, and there the LORD's glory filled the temple.
          6 A man was standing next to me, but the voice that I heard came from inside the temple.