Genesis 41:36-46 CEB

36 This food will be reserved for the seven years of famine to follow in the land of Egypt so that the land won't be ravaged by the famine."
37 This advice seemed wise to Pharaoh and all his servants,
38 and Pharaoh said to his servants, "Can we find a man with more God-given giftsa than this one?"

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    • ô 41:38 - Or <i>like this one, in whom is the spirit of God</i>
      39 Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Since God has made all this known to you, no one is as intelligent and wise as you are.
      40 You will be in charge of my kingdom,b and all my people will obeyc your command. Only as the enthroned king will I be greater than you."

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        • õ 41:40 - Or <i>house</i>
        • ö 41:40 - LXX; Heb uncertain, perhaps <i>submit themselves to your command</i>
          41 Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Know this: I've given you authority over the entire land of Egypt."
          42 Pharaoh took his signet ring from his hand and put it on Joseph's hand, he dressed him in linen clothes, and he put a gold necklace around his neck.
          43 He put Joseph on the chariot of his second-in-command, and everyone in front of him cried out, "Attention!"d So Pharaoh installed him over the entire land of Egypt.

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            • ÷ 41:43 - An Egyptian loanword similar to the Heb word <i>kneel</i>
              44 Pharaoh said to Joseph, "I am Pharaoh; no one will do anything or go anywhere in all the land of Egypt without your permission."
              45 Pharaoh renamed Joseph, Zaphenath-paneah, and married him to Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera the priest of Heliopolis.e Then Joseph assumed control of the land of Egypt.

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                • ø 41:45 - Heb <i>On</i>
                  46 Joseph was 30 years old when he began to serve Pharaoh, Egypt's king, when he left Pharaoh's court and traveled through the entire land of Egypt.