The LORD responds

5 Look among the nations and watch! Be astonished and stare because something is happening in your days that you wouldn't believe even if told.
6 I am about to rouse the Chaldeans, that bitter and impetuous nation, which travels throughout the earth to possess dwelling places it does not own.
7 The Chaldean is dreadful and fearful. He makes his own justice and dignity.a
8 His horses are faster than leopards; they are quicker than wolves of the evening. His horsemen charge forward; his horsemen come from far away. They fly in to devour, swiftly, like an eagle.b
9 They come for violence, the horde with all their faces set toward the desert.c He takes captives like sand.
10 He makes fun of kings; rulers are ridiculous to him. He laughs at every fortress, then he piles up dirt and takes it.
11 He passes through like the wind and invades; but he will be held guilty, the one whose strength is his god.