Isaiah 41:1-7 CEB

Victor from the east

1 Be quiet before me, coastlands. Let the nations renew their strength. Let them approach and speak. Let's draw near for a judgment.

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      2 Who has awakened one from the east and has authority to summon him to serve— giving him nations, conquering kings, making them like dust with his sword, like scattered straw with his bow?
      3 He pursues them and passes untouched, needing no path for his feet.
      4 Who has acted and who has done this, calling upon generation after generation since the beginning? I, the LORD, was first, and I will be the last!
      5 The coastlands see and fear; the ends of the earth tremble; they draw near and arrive.
      6 Each helps the other, each saying to the other, "Take courage!"
      7 The craftsman encourages the metalworker; the one who smoothes with the hammer encourages the one who strikes the anvil, saying of the welding, "That's good," and strengthening it with nails so it won't move.