This chapter contains a summons to the enemies of Christ to come and
try the cause between God and them before him; words of comfort to
true believers, promising them help, protection, and provision; full
conviction of idolaters, and their practices; and is closed with a
promise of some great person, and what he will do unto them, and for
the people of God. The summons is in \\#Isa 41:1\\, expressed
according to the forms used in courts of judicature. The issue of the
controversy is put upon this foot, the raising up a certain person
from the east, who it was that did it, which appearing to be the work
of the Lord, proves the point contended about, \\#Isa 41:2-4\\, the
obstinate persistence of idolaters in their idolatry, notwithstanding
this is observed, \\#Isa 41:5-7\\, the people of God, under the
names of Jacob and Israel, the objects of God's choice and affection,
\\#Isa 41:8,9\\ are encouraged against the fear of men, with promises
of help and strength from the Lord, \\#Isa 41:10,13,14\\ of confusion
to their enemies, and victory over them, \\#Isa 41:11,12,15,16\\, and
of spiritual provisions, and great prosperity in their wilderness
state, in which they should manifestly see the hand of the Lord,
\\#Isa 41:17-20\\ when the idolatrous nations are challenged to
produce their strong reasons for their idolatry, and are put upon
proving that their idols can foretell things to come, or do good or
evil to men, or own they are nothing but an abomination,
\\#Isa 41:21-24,26\\ and then one is spoken of that should come as a
mighty warrior, and tread down the Pagan princes, and a set of Gospel
ministers should be sent, bringing good tidings to Zion, to the
silencing of idolaters, and the cessation of idolatrous worship,
\\#Isa 41:25,27,28\\.