Isaiah 47:1-7 CEB

Daughter Babylon dethroned

1 Go down and sit in the dust, virgin Daughter Babylon! Sit on the ground without a throne, Daughter Chaldea, because they will no longer call you tender and pampered.

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      2 Take the millstones and grind flour! Remove your veil, strip off your robe, expose your thighs, wade through the rivers!
      3 Your nakedness will be exposed, and your disgrace will be seen. I will take vengeance; no one will intervene.a

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        • ì 47:3 - Syr, cf Vulg; MT <i>I won’t meet a man</i>
          4 Our redeemer has spoken; the LORD of heavenly forces is his name, the holy one of Israel.
          5 Sit silent and go into darkness, Daughter Chaldea, because they will no longer call you Queen of Kingdoms.
          6 I was enraged with my people; I made my inheritance impure and put them under your power. You took no pity on them. You made your yoke heavy even on the elderly.
          7 You said, "I'm forever; I'm the eternal mistress." You didn't stop and think; you didn't consider the outcome.