Jeremiah 25:33-38 CEB

33 At that time, those struck down by the LORD will fill the earth. And no one will mourn for them or prepare their bodies for burial. They will become like refuse lying on the ground.
34 Wail, you shepherds, cry out. Roll in the dust, you masters of the flock! The day of your slaughter has arrived. You will fall and shatter like a fragile vase.
35 The shepherds have no place to hide; the masters of the flock can't escape.
36 Hear the cry of the shepherds and the sobbing of the masters of the flock, because the LORD is ravaging their pasture.
37 There's an eerie silence in the peaceful meadows, because of the LORD's fierce anger.
38 The lion is on the prowl, and the land is reduced to nothing, because of the fierce sword,a because of his fierce anger.

References for Jeremiah 25:38

    • Ä 25:38 - LXX, Heb manuscripts; Heb uncertain