Job 19:22-29 CEB

22 Why do you pursue me like God does, always hungry for my flesh?

Brief hope

23 Oh, that my words were written down, inscribed on a scroll

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      24 with an iron instrument and lead, forever engraved on stone.
      25 But I know that my redeemera is alive and afterward he'll rise upon the dust.

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        • — 19:25 - Or <i>avenger</i>
          26 After my skin has been torn apart this way— then from my fleshb I'll see God,

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            • ˜ 19:26 - Or <i>without my flesh or in my flesh</i>
              27 whom I'll see myself— my eyes see,c and not a stranger's. I am utterly dejected.

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                • ™ 19:27 - Or <i>have seen</i>


                  28 You say, "How will we pursue him so that the root of the matter can be found in him?"d

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                    • š 19:28 - Heb manuscripts; MT <i>in me</i>
                      29 You ought to fear the sword yourselves, for wrath brings punishment by the sword. You should know that there is judgment.