Job’s view of his enemies’ fate

11 I will teach you God's power, not hide what pertains to the Almighty.
12 Look, those of you who recognize this— why then this empty talk?
13 This is the wicked's portion with God, the inheritance that the ruthless receive from the Almighty.
14 If their children increase, they belong to the sword; their offspring won't have enough bread.
15 Their survivors will be buried with the dead; their widows won't weep.
16 If they store up silver like dust, amass clothing like clay,
17 they may amass, but the righteous will wear it; the innocent will divide the silver.
18 They built their houses like nests, like a hut made by a watchman.
19 They lie down rich, but no longer; open their eyes, but it's missing.
20 Terrors overtake them like waters; a tempest snatches them by night;
21 an east wind lifts them, and they are gone, removes them from their places,
22 throws itself on them without mercy; they flee desperately from its force.
23 It claps its hands over them, hisses at them from their place.