Numbers 30:10-16 CEB

10 If a woman makes a solemn promise in her husband's household or makes a binding obligation for herself with a solemn pledge,
11 and her husband hears, keeps silent, and doesn't express disapproval to her—then all her solemn promises will stand and all her binding obligations for herself will stand.
12 If her husband breaks them on the day he hears them, then whatever she said with regard to her solemn promises or the binding obligations for herself will not stand. Her husband has broken them. The LORD will forgive her.
13 Her husband may allow any solemn promise or any binding pledge of self-denial to stand or be broken.
14 But if her husband keeps silent from one day to the next, he has upheld all her solemn promises, or all her binding obligations. He has upheld them because he remained silent on the day he heard them.
15 If he breaks them after he has heard them, he will assume her guilt.
16 These are the regulations that the LORD commanded Moses concerning a husband and his wife and between a father and his daughter while she is young and in her father's household.