Psalm 147:15-20 CEB

15 God issues his command to the earth— God's word speeds off fast!
16 God spreads snow like it was wool; God scatters frost like it was ashes;
17 God throws his hail down like crumbs— who can endure God's freezing cold?
18 Then God issues his word and melts it all away! God makes his winds blow; the water flows again.
19 God proclaims his word to Jacob; his statutes and rules to Israel.
20 God hasn't done that with any other nation; those nations have no knowledge of God's rules.a Praise the LORD!

References for Psalms 147:20

    • ŋ 147:20 - LXX, Tg, DSS (11QPs a) <i>God hasn’t let those nations know his rules</i>.