Psalm 9:1-6 CEB

Psalm 9

For the music leader. According to Muth-labben. A psalm of David.

1 abI will thank you, LORD, with all my heart; I will talk about all your wonderful acts.

References for Psalms 9:1

    • m 9:1 - Ps 9 is an alphabetic acrostic poem (cf Ps 119) in Heb, with successive letters of the alphabet beginning every few lines, with only a few exceptions. Only ten letters are found in Ps 9; the sequence may be continued in Ps 10, suggesting that Pss 9–10 are a single poem.
    • n 9:1 - Or <i>Almuth labben</i>; Heb uncertain, perhaps a reference to the melody; cf Pss 46:1; 48:14
      2 I will celebrate and rejoice in you; I will sing praises to your name, Most High.
      3 When my enemies turn and retreat, they fall down and die right in front of you
      4 because you have established justice for me and my claim, because you rule from the throne, establishing justice rightly.
      5 You've denounced the nations, destroyed the wicked. You've erased their names for all time.
      6 Every enemy is wiped out, like something ruined forever. You've torn down their cities— even the memory of them is dead.