Romans 4:1-6 CEB

Abraham’s faith was credited as righteousness

1 So what are we going to say? Are we going to find that Abraham is our ancestor on the basis of genealogy?

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      2 Because if Abraham was made righteous because of his actions, he would have had a reason to brag, but not in front of God.
      3 What does the scripture say? Abraham had faith in God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.a

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        • l 4:3 - Gen 15:6
          4 Workers' salaries aren't credited to them on the basis of an employer's grace but rather on the basis of what they deserve.
          5 But faith is credited as righteousness to those who don't work, because they have faith in God who makes the ungodly righteous.
          6 In the same way, David also pronounces a blessing on the person to whom God credits righteousness apart from actions: