Deuteronomy 2:1-6 CEBA

Journeys in Transjordan

1 Next, we turned around and headed back toward the wilderness along the Reed Sea road, exactly as the LORD instructed me. We traveled all around Mount Seir for a long time.

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    • a 2:1 - Or <i>Red Sea</i>
      2 Eventually the LORD said:
      3 You've been traveling around this mountain long enough. Head north.
      4 Command the people as follows: You are about to enter into the territory of your relatives who live in Seir: Esau's descendants. They will be afraid of you, so watch yourselves most carefully.
      5 Don't fight with them because I will not give the tiniest parcel of their land to you. I have given Mount Seir to Esau's family as their property.
      6 Of course you may buy food from them with money so you can eat, and also water with money so you can drink.