In this chapter Moses goes on with his account of the affairs of the
people of Israel, and what befell them, how they turned into the
wilderness again; but passes over in silence their travels there,
till they came to Mount Self, where having been some time they were
bid to depart, \\#De 2:1-3\\, and were directed not to meddle with
the Edomites, or take anything from them, but pay them for what they
should have of them, since they lacked not, \\#De 2:4-8\\, nor to
distress the Moabites, of whose country, as formerly inhabited, and
also of Edom, some account is given, \\#De 2:9-12\\, when they were
bid to go over the brook Zered, to which from their coming from
Kadeshbarnea was the space of thirty eight years, in which time the
former generation was consumed, \\#De 2:13-16\\ and now passing along
the borders of Moab, they were ordered not to meddle with nor distress
the children of Ammon, of whose land also, and the former inhabitants
of it, an account is given, \\#De 2:17-23\\, then passing over the
river Arnon, they are bid to fight with Sihon king of the Amorites,
and possess his land, \\#De 2:24,25\\ to whom they sent messengers,
desiring leave to pass through his land, and to furnish them with
provisions for their money, as the Edomites and Moabites had done,
\\#De 2:26-29\\ but he refusing, this gave them an opportunity to
attack him, in which they succeeded, slew him and his people, and
took possession of his country, \\#De 2:30-37\\.