Jeremiah’s lament

18 The LORD informed me and I knew. Then he helped me see what they were up to.
19 I was like a young lamb led to the slaughter; I didn't realize that they were planning their schemes against me: "Let's destroy the tree with its fruit; let's cut him off from the land of the living so that even any knowledge of him will be wiped out."
20 LORD of heavenly forces, righteous judge, who tests the heart and mind, let me see your revenge upon them, because I have committed my case to you.
21 This is what the LORD says concerning the men from Anathoth who seek your life and say, "Don't prophesy in the LORD's name or else you will die at our hands."
22 Therefore, the LORD of heavenly forces proclaims, I'm going to punish them. Their young men will die in war, and their sons and daughters will die by famine.
23 No one will be left because I will bring disaster upon the men of Anathoth when their time comes.